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Do you need a reliable emergency locksmith service in the Hanau area and its vicinity? With us, providing very fast assistance for you is our top priority!

Welcome to the Locksmith Service Hanau – Your local expert for prompt and professional support with all security key and lock issues. We are proud to be active in and around Hanau, standing by our private and corporate clients with fast, diligent, and professional emergency services. Whether you’ve locked yourself out, lost a door key, or have a broken door lock, it just takes a phone call from you and our team of experts will be on their way to you. We understand that problems with locking systems and their keys often arise unexpectedly, which is why we offer a 24-hour service to assist you immediately in emergency situations. Thanks to our skilled expert knowledge and our short-term deployment options, we are your trusted partner within Hanau.

  • Fair Fixed Rates 24/7
  • Quick On-Site Response
  • Damage-Free Door Openings
  • Complimentary Security Consultation

In addition to door opening, we offer a range of other services at guaranteed fixed prices:

  • Master Key Systems
  • Lock Replacement
  • Car Opening
  • Safe Opening
  • Burglary Protection
  • Repairs
Damage-Free Door Opening
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  • Car Opening Services


Emergency Service Surcharges in Hanau
Monday – Friday 18:00–22:00 50%
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Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays 100%
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The Fixed Price Locksmith Service is available 24 hours a day for you.

Our phone is manned every day of the week, regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend. And even on public holidays, you are welcome to call us directly.

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Emergency Locksmith Hanau

In the area around Hanau, we are your professional in emergencies.

We understand that issues with front door keys and safe locks are among the unexpected difficulties of everyday life and therefore offer very fast and effective assistance in any situation.
Whether it’s an urgent door opening when you have locked yourself out of your home, a car opening when the car key is forgotten in the vehicle, or the necessary repair or replacement of a broken lock – our expert team is quickly ready for action.

Our professionals are not only trained in simple door opening but also possess the expertise to tackle complex issues such as repairing a multipoint locking system.
This is extremely important as modern locking systems in residential and commercial buildings become more sophisticated.
Our specialists are well acquainted with the latest work techniques and door locking systems, enabling them to promise professional, proven, and reliable assistance in any emergency situation.

In addition to specialized knowledge, we place great value on swift service. We understand that every minute counts in emergencies. Therefore, our workflows are designed so that our team can set off immediately after your call. Our service vehicles are equipped with all necessary tools and spare locks, allowing us to act promptly and without unnecessary delays on-site. It doesn’t matter to us whether the emergency occurs in residential homes, businesses, or vehicles: our goal is to assist you immediately and restore access quickly and without damage. Our emergency locksmith service in the Hanau area stands for very fast, reliable, and excellent and affordable support in all front door lock and key emergencies.

  • we are on-site within 30 minutes
  • in many cases, a damage-free door opening is possible
  • you receive a guaranteed fixed price quote over the phone
  • you receive a free security consultation
  • we have short travel distances
  • no job brokerage

Vehicle Opening

Our car door opening service offers quick and damage-free complete solutions when you have locked yourself out of your car. Our skilled professionals effectively open all types of vehicles without causing any damage to the lock or the car door, ensuring that you are back on the road in no time.

Burglary Protection

We offer a wide range of burglary protection solutions to make your home or business more secure. This includes the installation of high-security locks, security systems, and surveillance technology. Our goal is to effectively protect your property from unwanted thieves and to enhance your sense of security.

Safe Opening

Specializing in safe openings, we offer competent services to grant you access to locked or damaged safe doors. Our specialists use selected techniques to open safes without damage, which is very important when important documents or items need to be secured.

Locked Out Doors

For locked-out front doors, we offer quick and sustainable opening services. Our specialists are trained to open house and apartment doors without additional damage, which is crucial for doors with self-locking mechanisms. We ensure that you gain access to your home or business quickly and effortlessly.

Locked Doors

For locked apartment doors, we provide expert opening services. Whether it’s due to the loss of an apartment key or defective door locks: our experts open every door professionally and safely. We promise a straightforward restoration of access to your property, with our focus on achieving the greatest possible damage-free outcome.

Damaged Doors

Our 24-hour service includes the repair and unlocking of damaged apartment doors. We solve problems such as damaged locks, warped door panels, or broken door chains. Our experts ensure that your front door is not only unlocked but also professionally repaired to prevent potential issues.

Garage Door Opening

Our garage door opening service assists you with locked-out or damaged garage doors. Thanks to prompt assistance and optimal methods, we can ensure that you regain access to your garage in no time. Regardless of whether it’s mechanical or electrical systems, our professional staff specializes in unlocking and repairing all types of garage doors.

Short Response Times

Lightning-fast at your location

Our locksmith service ensures a quick arrival at the location to assist you immediately in very urgent emergencies. Thanks to our strategically positioned expert teams in various districts, we can guarantee an especially quick waiting time. Once you have contacted us, our nearby expert team is activated to arrive on-site without delay. We understand that time is a crucial factor in emergencies, whether it’s a locked-out person or a security issue. Therefore, we place great importance on ensuring that our professionals are prompt, effective, and equipped with the necessary working materials to tackle any conceivable difficulty right on the spot. Our goal is to provide you with fast, safe assistance whenever and wherever you need us.

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In addition to emergency door opening, we also offer car opening.